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"...this tool is one of the rare measures that simulate the very environments that may be contributing to the onset or advancement of vertebral fractures..." ...more

Judi Laprade Ph.D, University of Toronto

"I didn't even know I had a problem until I had a BSE evaluation. Now, after my therapy, I am able to continue to work in my garden” - Dee Ridley (age 97)



About Us

Ionmed Systems, founded and lead by a physician, brings together innovative technologies for measuring, tracking and improving health outcomes. Our team consists of experts in medicine, behavioral health, software engineering and allied health who seek to enhance the well-being of health care consumers while maximizing systemic efficiencies for providers. Technology serves as a significant bridge bringing together the power of big data analysis with excellent standards of care to create systems that are more efficient, responsive and impactful.

Our vision

Our aim is to improve the health and well-being for the individual while enhancing the way care and services are delivered for health systems and providers.

Social Impact

IONmed Systems in recognizing the significance of the social determinants of Health seek to ameliorate barriers to accessibility, accountability and transparency through the use of technology and data. We believe that excellence in healthcare provision aligned with resource maximization lies within the domain of technology. Better outcomes for more patients leads to healthier individuals, families and communities with less waste.


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